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About Intertwined




Caryn Block combines flute, cello, and  percussion in this chamber piece. Lasting  20 minutes through seven movements,  or “Vignettes” (as dubbed by Block), this  work utilizes a myriad of orchestration  arrangements that create variety. The  outer two and middle movements use all  three players, while movement two is a  duet for marimba and cello, movement  five is a duet for flute and cello, movement  three is a solo for the percussionist,  and movement six is a flute solo. Block  states in the notes that the piece can be  performed in its entirety or as individual  movements.

Except for the final movement, most  of the piece is at a slow or broad tempo  with descriptions given such as “Misterioso,  cantabile,  espressivo,  lyrical  and  majestically.”  Just as the movements change  texture, each movement contains fluctuating  descriptions. Disjunct melodies  and non-unison writing is very common  in this piece. All three players are treated  equally in this work, but it is difficult  to grab onto a central idea consistent  through all seven movements

The percussion requirements for the  first, third, and fourth movements include  marimba, vibraphone, crotales, suspended  cymbal, tam-tam, triangle, wood  chimes, tom-tom, bongos, and tenor  drum, using various sticks, brushes, and a  bass bow. Marimba is used in movement  two and seven

Brian  Zator for Percussion Notes Magazine November 2009